Getting the best free bet offers

There are plenty of sites nowadays that are blocked by the Iranian government especially when it comes down to gambling and even the unblocked ones there aren’t many that offer a great selection free bet offers┬áthat you can work your way down and claim every single one of them. Free bets are a great way to test out the waters with a new bookmakers that you’ve not got an account with, they can also be a great way to boost your initial bank roll upon signing up. However before you claim a free bet offer make sure you read the terms and conditions that are set out on the site as sometimes depending on the website that you sign up for you wont be able to claim more than one free bet per account per house hold.

There are so many sites for you to choose from that it can sometimes be difficult finding the right betting site to use in Iran thats why the site above has made it incredibly easy, they’ve even reviewed the best gambling sites around and ranked them in order of how good they are.

There are many reasons why gambling is illegal in Iran however it wasn’t always that way, it wasn’t until the Shah was overthrown and Islamic rule was pushed on the general public that it became banned. Pretty silly really when you think about it, especially when so many members of the Iranian government gamble themselves the moment they step outside of the country however until such a time when the rules change and the government begins to become more westernised the only way around this is to sign up to betting sites using proxies and VPN’s which mask your IP from the site and allow you to act as if you we’re a different location all together.

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